To Do List

Ah, yes. The never ending to do list. I'll add things as I think of them, cross things off as I finish them, and remove things as I change my mind. :)

  • Install back splash
  • Install handles on cabinetry
  • (I also have a crazy idea for painting the back of the pantry. We'll see.)

  • Refinish table and chairs (partially done)
  • Replace light fixture (Woo-hoo!)

Living Room
  • Install light/fan
  • Paint art niche
  • Hang art/wall decor
  • Restuff back cushions on couch
  • Get a new rug that fits the space better
  • Trim around fireplace (add a mantle?)

Dining Room
  • Paint
  • Buy table and chairs
  • Buy side board
  • Hang window treatments
  • Hang art
  • Accessorize

  • Get a piano
  • Install a light fixture
  • Buy couch
  • Buy bookcases (Thank you for the fabulous Christmas present, Dear!)
  • Finish collecting and framing photos of ancestors
  • Hang clock and wedding photo
  • Install chair rail and paint lower third of wall -OR- install wainscoting?
  • Paint ceiling? (My other half is very much opposed to this plan.)
  • Accessorize

Guest Room
  • Get a bed
  • Make a head board
  • Paint
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace or modify curtains
  • Do something for nightstands
  • Hang wall art/accessorize

Master Bedroom
  • Buy a dresser
  • Paint room
  • Refinish bed frame
  • Refinish nightstands
  • Hang TV
  • Refinish pub table and stools
  • Hang shelves
  • Buy a sofa
  • Buy a rug
  • Buy a desk
  • Buy a desk chair
  • Hang art/wall decor

Master Bathroom
  • Paint
  • Hang a cabinet
  • Paint some more

Boys' Bedroom
  • Buy a bunk bed
  • Paint
  • Replace light fixture
  • Install work space/craft area
  • Hang art/wall decor

  • Paint
  • Refinish furniture?
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace curtains
  • Hang art/wall decor

  • Install lots of storage and work space for school stuff
  • Paint
  • Replace light fixture
  • Get a couch?

  • Hang a gallery/memory wall (I'm really excited about this project.)
  • Hang a 24"x30" print of Resurrection by Mark Mabry at the top of the stairs. (This will be on my wishlist for a while.)

  • Yeah, it is entirely unfinished. It would take too long to list everything. This one is on the back burner until... 2021?

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