Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Bins

I'm on an organizing rampage this week. I do not enjoy cleaning my house because of all of the clutter. Ugh! It drives me nuts.

I was reading about starting with organizing, not cleaning. I have a tendency to shove stuff out of the way (a closet, drawer, box, etc.) just so that I can do the actual cleaning. This week I decided to ignore the scrubbing part and just focus on making a place for everything and putting everything in its place.

On Saturday I started with my closet and bathroom. I didn't finish anything, but made some good progress. Also, in an effort to create a place for everything, I made some little organizing bins for my once-a-month products. They turned out so cute!

Here is the cabinet in the water closet where I keep all of that stuff.

And here are the new bins. Didn't they turn out well?

I started with some small, empty boxes that were literally lying around. I taped all of the edges with packing tape, and cut open the tops (formerly the fronts).

Then I covered them in fabric. The finishing touch was adding the large eyelets to the fronts. I tell you, hardware to a project is frosting to a cupcake. It's just not quite finished without it.

See how nicely the boxes fit in the cabinet? It's fate, I tell you. These bins were meant to be!

They're beautiful, solve a storage/organizing problem, and didn't cost me a cent! One can't ask for more than that.

Now if I can come up with cute storage for the products that go on the lower shelf, I can take the paper out of the door. One victory at a time. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

On the Hook

I need to finish the projects I already have going. Not dream and start planning starting new ones like imitating this entry way by Jenna Sue.

Jenna Sue: Foyer Board & Batten Reveal

Wouldn't something like that look great in my downstairs hall, though? This piece of wall is across from the garage door and coat closet. It would be great to have hooks there for purses, kids' coats, etc.

But I keep reminding myself that if I did put hooks on this wall, other stuff that I wish were hidden in the closet would probably start making an appearance. Oh, the burdens of living with three boys!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Cupcake!

Sunday night I saw the cutest little craft! To get the full details, check out the tutorial here.

Cupcake Take Along
I thought it was absolutely darling and decided to make one myself. I sat down for a few hours yesterday and created a suite of Silhouette cut files for each of the pieces. You can kind of see the cut pieces in this picture of what my table looked like last night. Did it feel a little tedious to create all of those files? Yes, but now that it's done I can make as many as I want in barely any time at all!

My Craft Table Last Night
I got most of it put together last night, but I'm still missing a few pieces. I ordered the tubes for the sprinkles (see the link above if you don't know what I'm talking about) and they should arrive tomorrow. I'm hoping to get it finished and share more details then. In the mean time, I have some dressies to sew before Thursday! Eek!

In Progress
PS. I am so grateful that I happened to have all of these papers and ribbons on hand. All I bought was the cake mix, icing, and the embellishment to the left of "Hey CUPCAKE!" Now I just need the tubes to arrive, and to track down some sugar hearts. That shouldn't be too hard this time of year. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Felt Felt Hearts

When I was little, my mom made felt heart pouches for our Valentine candy. Every Valentine's Day we would pick our favorite heart and she would fill them with our goodies. We are all old enough now that the tradition has died out (as far as I know).

Since I'm going to be away from my kids on Valentine's Day this year (Darin and I are going to Cali. So excited!), I decided to continue the tradition for them so that they will know they are loved even if we are apart. (Not that I expect them to get it since they are still toddlers.)

These are really simple. You don't have to sew them by hand, I just chose to since I wanted the stitching to be noticeable. Feel free to sew a pouch up on your machine, or just glue one together.

I started with two 6"x7" hearts. I embellished the front of one heart, and cut a slit in the back of the other heart. I reinforced the opening with a blanket stitch to help keep it from getting stretched out. Then I blanket stitched the front and back pieces together. Easy-peasy.

Here is the end result.

Decorated Fronts
Back with Slit Opening
Candy-filled Back
Candy-filled Front
I made both of these last night in a few hours. Despite the simplicity, I think they turned out cute. It also brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart to see a tradition carried on. Happy Valentine's!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Projects in the Works (That I May/May Not Be Working On)

Hi, I'm Heather and I'm a project hopper. I always have four projects going on at once. I get bored with one, start the next, have an idea for another one that I immediately start (sometimes finish), then decide it is high time to get crackin' on that project I last worked on six months ago. It's a disease, and I don't like to post about projects that are not completed, unless they are really big, multi-step projects.

So here is a look at what's on my figurative work table right now.

From left to right, top to bottom, I'm currently working (or not working) on what I'm calling a "map mirror", a ruffle pendant for my massage therapist, a growth chart for the boys, decals for my washer/dryer, dressies for my soon-to-be niece (due date is coming up!), and painting the water closet in the master bathroom.

Not to mention I also have plans brewing in the back of my mind for a ribbon wall organizer for this ever growing mess. (I know, not a ton of ribbon, but my collection is still growing!)

And I have intentions of doing something really cute with tea-stained sheet music soon. (Photo courtesy of The Decorating Diaries.)

The Decorating Diaries
Too many ideas and too little time. Hopefully I'll get something finished (and my cold will go away) soon so that I can share!

Anyone else out there need to join Project Hoppers Anonymous? Or have a better name for the support group?