Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen Back Splash Teaser

I've been wanting to do something with my kitchen back splash for a while now. (Since before we moved in, actually.) Darin and I agree that tile is the way to go. Something like this, but in this pattern.

In the mean time, I've decided to paint something to hold me over until someday is today. I've probably been considering it for a year, but the right inspiration hasn't caught my attention. Until yesterday.

John and Sherry of (love their blog) posted their office makeover stenciling project, and I was totally floored. They did such an awesome job.

Photo courtesy
It sent me off on a Google image search of stencils and creative back splashes. I found this and was totally inspired. (Did I just use the word totally twice?) I seriously considered recreating something like it, but the thought of cutting out all of those circles was not appealing.

I also found this while looking through my "art inspiration" folder. I like the pattern and play on tones, but I'm afraid it would be too retro girly-girl.

I printed both of these images and stared at them for a while before going to bed. The next morning, they were still laying on the table. I considered them over breakfast, then I had an idea. If I was a cartoon, there would have been a lit light bulb over my head.

I'm hoping to get started on my new back splash tomorrow. Today, I am taking the kids to Ikea (so they can't make any more messes like this).

Stay tuned!


Too late.


Kati said...

Oh dear!! You never know what they'll get into next! I can't wait to see your back splash!

Heather said...

Thanks, Kati! And it's true, you never know what will be next!

Shannon said...

That is an impressive mess! (And an adorable mess maker!) I, too, am looking forward to your back splash.