Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Felt Felt Hearts

When I was little, my mom made felt heart pouches for our Valentine candy. Every Valentine's Day we would pick our favorite heart and she would fill them with our goodies. We are all old enough now that the tradition has died out (as far as I know).

Since I'm going to be away from my kids on Valentine's Day this year (Darin and I are going to Cali. So excited!), I decided to continue the tradition for them so that they will know they are loved even if we are apart. (Not that I expect them to get it since they are still toddlers.)

These are really simple. You don't have to sew them by hand, I just chose to since I wanted the stitching to be noticeable. Feel free to sew a pouch up on your machine, or just glue one together.

I started with two 6"x7" hearts. I embellished the front of one heart, and cut a slit in the back of the other heart. I reinforced the opening with a blanket stitch to help keep it from getting stretched out. Then I blanket stitched the front and back pieces together. Easy-peasy.

Here is the end result.

Decorated Fronts
Back with Slit Opening
Candy-filled Back
Candy-filled Front
I made both of these last night in a few hours. Despite the simplicity, I think they turned out cute. It also brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart to see a tradition carried on. Happy Valentine's!


Shannon said...

I love this idea - you should post it on Pinterest!

Heather said...

Haha. Done and done, Shannon. :)