Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making the Living Room More Liveable

Remember the living room? Yeah, it's a work in progress... and we made some progress!

  1. Re-stuffed the back cushions on the sectional
  2. Replaced the rug
  3. Purchased a credenza
The back cushions on the sectional were looking so sad and lumpy that I was making plans to replace the cushions or the sectional. But I decided to check the blog-sphere for a way to fix them. Apparently, all they needed was a little restuffing.

I found a 10lb. bag of fiberfill at Walmart on the sewing aisle for $25. (Who knew they sold that?!) Thirty minutes of adding fiberfill to the nasty factory stuffing breathed fresh life into the cushions. It was like having a new sectional! (Sorry, I don't have a before picture for comparison. It was too depressing.)

Next, the 5'x7' rug of yesteryear was replaced by this super comfy shaggy number from Costco. Twice as big and oh so fluffy. Seriously, we love this rug! I know I don't need to say any of this. The before and after pictures above state my case for me.

Last, we present the credenza. The way too small TV stand and old TV finally got the boot.

cre·den·za  /krəˈdenzə/
Noun: A sideboard or cupboard
No, the credenza does not house a new TV. Instead it fills a much-needed game/puzzle storage need. And the lower cabinet spaces are a great place for storing throw blankets for cold winter nights we get in Colorado.

And there you have it. I still want to redo the throw pillows on the sectional (and build a mantle/surround for the fireplace), but those are projects for another day. For the moment I am satisfied with the vast improvements we've made.

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Shannon said...

Welcome back to blogland! I have missed your posts.
I would have never thought of simply restuffing the cushions - brilliant! And I am very impressed with how clean your LR room is with little boys in the house...