Friday, October 7, 2011

Lamps, Glorious Lamps

Lamps. Yes, that's right. You heard me. Lamps. Today we are talking about lamps. Specifically this lamp.

I have wanted lamps like these since I first saw them ten years ago. Last week I finally got them! *squeal of delight*

I purchased the shades on clearance at Sears months ago for $6 a pop. I waited on the bases until I decided to just buck up and pull the trigger. At $30 a piece at Target, it felt like a lot.

Target Home® Mix-and-Match Lamp Base - Medium

But then you look at the alternatives; and, all of a sudden, $30 doesn't seem so bad. For instance, this lamp from Joss & Main. It's part of the Ore International collection (don't quote me on that) and retails for $129.95.
Joss&Main Crystal Table Lamp 

Or this lamp from Lamps Plus for $149.99.

Lamps Plus Stacked Crystal Sphere Table Lamp

Yep, $30 isn't so bad. Seriously, can you tell a huge difference between these and the designer ones?

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Shannon said...

I can't - your lamps look perfect!