Monday, November 7, 2011

Gallery Wall: Part 3, Awesome, Free, Key Prints

I have a small love affair with skeleton keys. Do I own any? No. Do I wish I owned some? Heck, yes. Not only do they look cool, but they have historical significance, which is also cool. Not to mention all of the things keys can represent: home, love, priesthood. And in my world, symbolism = .

I was so enthralled when I found these skeleton key prints on via Pintrest. And they're free! Karen is my new favorite person. (You can download them, too, here and here.) Aren't they beautiful?

After downloading the graphics, I resized and positioned them in MS Word. Then I printed them on some patterned cardstock, cut them out, popped them in some 4"x6" frames, and hung them on the wall.

I really like how they turned out. So pretty.

Have you printed your own wall art? Are you obsessed with skeleton keys? What objects hold special meaning in your life?

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Shannon said...

Spectacular - they might have come right out of Restoration Hardware!

I am obsessed with little houses. Partly because of the many happy memories I have of time spent at my grandma's little pink and white house, partly because we have been camping out in my parents fully-furnished (translation: I have very few of my own possessions) house for four years now. But one day soon our Mukilteo house will sell, and I will have my own little home to decorate again! :)