Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gallery Wall: Part 2, Small Items of Significance

Today we are going to take a look at some of the things I put together for my WIP (work-in-progress) gallery wall that I talked about yesterday.

1. A Silver Quarter

Significance: Darin had been checking quarters for years looking for one from 1964--the last year that they were minted in silver. One evening shortly after we were married, we went to the laundry mat, and Darin got some quarters from the change machine. True to form, he checked the dates on all of the quarters. And there it was. A quarter from 1960. Years of searching, and he had finally found one. It had been living in my jewelry box ever since--until now!

How I Framed It: I decided to put it in one of my 2.5"x3.5" frames. (Honestly, what else would I put in a frame so small? Certainly not a photo.) I cleaned the glass (always the first step in framing), cut a piece of flocked cardstock from my favorite paper pack to the right size, set the quarter in the middle of the glass, placed the cardstock over the top, and put the back on. That's right. No glue, tape or other type of adhesive keeping it in place. Just the good ol' normal force between the glass and the quarter. (You can read about normal force here.)

2. My Young Womanhood Medallion

Significance: It took five years for me to earn this award during my teen years. It's nearly equivalent to earning the BSA Eagle award. I am very proud to have succeeded in receiving it, but I never wear it because it is gold-toned. If it's not silver, I won't wear it. It was also wasting away in my jewelry box, so I decided to put it in the other 2.5"x3.5" frame.

How I Framed It: I cut another piece of the flocked cardstock I used when framing the quarter to the size of the frame. I then removed the ring that the medallion came on since it was to deep for the frame. I got out a needle and thread and stitched the medallion onto the cardstock by the little hole at the top. It was a little plain and looked odd without the ring at the top, so I made a little bow from a length of gray ribbon I found in my stash and stitched that on as well. With everything securely sewn in place, I placed it in the frame, made sure that the medallion was hanging straight, and put the back on. I think it turned about pretty spankin' cute.

3. Darin's Eagle Award

Significance: Are you kidding? It's a BSA Eagle Award! Heads of governments' secretaries send out letters congratulating young men on achieving such an award. I went hunting on Thursday and found it in a wooden chest from Darin's youth, under his space camp patch and next to his high school valedictorian medal. (I love that man. Smart and a geek. What more could a girl ask for?) Two days ago, it was pulled from the depths where it had been languishing, and this morning it made it onto the wall.

How I Framed It: I picked up a 5"x7" shadow box at Hobby Lobby, with a 40% off coupon, of course. I was a little worried about how I would mount the medal on the backing, but the backing is velvet over styrofoam, so I just had to push the pins on the back of the "Be Prepared" part into it and it was mounted. (Score!) Next I cut a piece of cardboard to act as a mat board. I printed off the chevron pattern on cardstock and wrapped it around the cardboard mat. I taped my improvised mat in place, put the back on, and hung it on the wall. I think it looks great!

So, what do you think? Do you have any sentimental items lying around, in jewelry boxes or the bottom of drawers that you would like to get up on your wall?


Danna said...

Too cute Heather! I have so many of these tokens... and I'm not even sure I've ever seen Dan's eagle!

Heather said...

Thanks, Danna! Yeah, I had never seen Darin's eagle before either until I hunted it down. Maybe it's a guy thing?

Shannon said...

EXCELLENT idea! When I read your blog, I feel so inspired!

Heather said...

Thanks! I think inspiration is something that should be passed around. :)