Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's One of Those Days

It is one of those days when the children are hanging off my arms. The memory card on my camera is full. I took a shower and got dressed for an event I am attending tonight, before remembering that I wanted to check out my new compound miter saw and I don't want to get sawdust on my clothes or in my hair. And I can't find half of the things I am looking for. It's just one of those days. :(


Shannon said...

I hope the event tonight is lots of fun, and that is makes all of the worries of the day fade away. :)

Val said...

I'm glad to know you have these days too. I was secretly starting to resent you after your last post. (Not really)

Heather said...

Val, I have plenty of those days. I just usually don't say anything about it because no one wants to attend a pity party. ;)

Shannon, our RS activity last night was very interesting. And to me interesting=fun. We had a guest come talk to us about the personality colors. I had done the red-blue-white-yellow one before, but last night we did the gold-green-blue-orange one. After we took the color personality test, each group was assigned to quickly create a poster that described our color. When we were finished sharing our creations, our guest showed us other posters that she had had groups make other times she has done this. We were all sitting there going "oh my goodness" when we saw how similar they were. Who knew a few questions could be so accurate!