Friday, January 13, 2012

Updates to "The Wall" with Cameo

Everyone remembers The Wall, right? It's probably been my biggest project to date. No, wait, that would be painting my bed frame. The gallery in my stair well is in the top five, at any rate.

Anyway, there were two things that I was never quite happy with. (There are three others, but I'm not getting to that right now.) On Wednesday, I fixed that.

First was the anniversary calendar. I still think it is a sweet project. I'm even thinking about selling them in my shop. Unfortunately, I was never happy with how the colors turned out. Instead of printing a new one, I cut one from a piece of black cardstock that had a silver foil flourish with my Cameo. I've always loved this piece of cardstock. I'm glad I found a good place for it. (By the way, the light gray lines are reflections from the railing in the loft. I couldn't get a good angle and avoid them.)

The second thing was this piece of wall decor. I was never in love with the font, but since I was cutting it by hand, I needed something more forgiving. Now that my days of cutting things by hand are over, I was able to replace the text with a font I liked better.

Just a few small improvements. Did I mention that I'm loving my Cameo? Now I need to paint the big 'N' silver, the two cherry frames black and their mats white. Before I get to that, though, I have a lot of vinyl to cut and get on the walls. I was counting last night; I have eight vinyl projects in the works! I am so glad that my latest order from Sign Warehouse came yesterday. One of the items was 100 yards of transfer tape. Now I can start getting things done!


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

A cameo is totally going on my wish list!

Shannon said...

Looks good!