Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Onesie + Dress = Dressie

As mentioned yesterday, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas! Two days after getting home from visiting my parents for the holidays, I had a baby shower to attend. I really didn't want to go shopping (I was still in recovery mode from being out of town), so I decided to make a gift with my new sewing machine! :D

I spent hours racking my brain and perusing the internet to come up with a good idea for a something to bring for a girl baby shower. Finally, I saw a Onesie with a skirt and knew that I had struck gold.

I used this tutorial on Running With Scissors and it worked out great! I highly recommend it. She used Gerber 6-9 mo. Onesies for the dressies (Onesie + dress = dressie) she made. I was working with 0-3 mo. Onesies, so I used a 6"x19" rectangle for my skirts. I also used a blind hem stitch instead of a straight stitch for the bottom hem on the skirt; and I decided to forgo the cuffs.

Instead of stenciling the fronts (I am suffering from a severe lack of fabric paint over here), I decided to take a chance and try appliqués for the first time. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the fabric, and it worked pretty well considering that I didn't have any stabilizer on the fabric. There were a few places where it didn't cut through all the way, but those were easy enough to cut with fabric scissors afterwards. (I have since bought some Wonder Under for next time.) I used this tutorial by The Idea Room as a starting point.

And finally, I made a pair of headbands to go with the dressies I made. One I made with shapes cut out of felt and a glued on rhinestone. For the other, I used this tutorial by Get Your Craft On to make a ribbon flower. I loved how the ribbon flower turned out and plan on using this method to make more in the future.

And now for the big reveal! (Sorry, I was in too much of a hurry to take pictures on the day I made them. I started sewing the morning of the shower. As it was, I was a half-hour late to the baby shower. It was totally worth it, though. I thought they turned out great!)

Pink Dressie with Black Stiletto with Pink Bow Appliqué and
Hot Pink Felt Flower with Rhinestone Headband
Purple and Green Dressie with Purple Flower with Button
Appliqué and Purple Ribbon Flower Headband

I am so pleased with how they turned out. I showed the pictures to my sister, and she liked them. She is expecting this spring, so I am planning on making a couple for her baby, too! I'm so excited about the designs I have planned. I'll be sure to share as soon as they are finished!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where my appliances get some awesomeness!


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

How sweet! And they turned out so nice! I'm taking a challenge to learn how to use a sewing machine this month! http://www.attemptsatdomestication.com/imagine-the-impossibilities-challenge/

Shannon said...

These turned out super cute!